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MarkMirror Intellectual Property Services
Post/Registered Mail address: P.O. Box 91450, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Industrial Designs Summary:
Design applications are filed at the Industrial Property Department (Patent Office). Applications should be filed and all supporting document should be submitted in order to meet the formal requirements of a complete filing; however, supprting document such as the power of attorney, deed of assignment if applicable and the certificate of Incorporation if the applicant is a corporate body can also be submitted within 90 days from the national filing date.

once the formal requirements are fulfilled and annual fees are paid within the period specified in the law, the Patent Office will issue a notification or circular to agent to prepare publication materials and settle the publication fees; this notification may take from two to three years from the filing date depending on arrangement made by the Industrial Property Management. 

after payment of the publication fees, the application is published in the Industrial Property Journal for a period of 90 days opposition by third parties. if no opposition is filed, a resolution by the Minister of Economy will be issued granting registration for the design application and the certificate of registration will be due for issuance. 

Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Copyrights and Domain Name Registration Agents.
We consider ourselves as partners with our clients in protecting their IP rights, and this makes us provide higher quality of services that meet their needs.
We offer our clients the most affordable charges on our services in understanding the need to keep the cost at the most possible minimum level.

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