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MarkMirror Intellectual Property Services
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Copyrights Summary:
The UAE is a member of the Berne Convention for the protection of literary, artistic works & computer software.

Under the Federal Copyright Law No. 7 for the year 2002, the following works can be protected as a copyright in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Books, pamphlets, articles, and other written works.
  • Computer software and applications thereof; databases; and similar works as determined by the decision of the Minister.
  • Lectures, speeches, sermons, and any other works of similar nature.
  • Dramatic, dramatico- musical works and pantomime.
  • Musical compositions with or without words.
  • Audio, visual or audio-visual works.
  • Architectural works, and engineering drawings and layouts.
  • Works of drawing, painting, sculpture, engravings, lithography, printing on textiles, wood and metals, and any similar works of fine arts.
  • Photographic works and analogous works.
  • Works of applied arts and plastic arts.
  • Illustrations, geographical maps, sketches, and three- dimensional works relative to geography, topography or architecture and others.
  • Derivative works, without prejudice to the protection prescribed for the works from which it has been derived.

Note: Ideas are not applicable to be protected by copyright.

Protection period:

The protection of a copyright lasts for the lifetime of the author in addition to 50 years after his death or 50 years from the date of publication in cases of cinematographic works, works of corporate bodies. Works of applied arts: 25 years from the publication date. Broadcasting Organizations, protection is for 20 years from the first broadcasting date.

Time Frame:

An application for a copyright can be submitted to the office of Intellectual Works at the Ministry of Economy. The registration process may take 1 to 2 months till the certificate of registration is issued.

Registration of a copyright does not give the author any right to publish. Approvals from the concerned authorities should be obtained for publication purposes depending on the nature of the proposed materials.

Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Copyrights and Domain Name Registration Agents.
We consider ourselves as partners with our clients in protecting their IP rights, and this makes us provide higher quality of services that meet their needs.
We offer our clients the most affordable charges on our services in understanding the need to keep the cost at the most possible minimum level.

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