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Intellectual Property (IP) protection became critical and very important to all business dealers (manufacturers, exporters, importers, traders and most important consumers). IP owners spend huge funds on inventions, researches and business development; without proper protection businesses, concepts, novel approaches, inventions, artistic creations, patents and trademarks are left susceptible to piracy, counterfeiting, or passing off. This leads to big loss for investors and discourage innovators, researchers and business owners to invent, conduct researches or develop their businesses. 

The main two factors that make protection of IP rights very essential and necessary are: Many business beginners plan for quick profits by imitating and infringing others' rights which became significant problems in the business community in general; Secondly, is to keep the quality of goods or service to the level expected by customers by preventing lower quality to enter and compete in the market; secondly,  

Businesses are usually identified by their brand names or their special and unique logo. The brand name and the logo used on products or service has a significant effect on consumers  - Professionally selected  and designed names and logos can positively affect the first impression and recognition of the brand in the consumers' minds.

To have a remarkable brand name and logo, owners need to spend time and money on researching, designing and advertisment. Such efforts spent on promoting their brand worth to be protected against unauthorized use which will lead to serious loss to their business especially if the public cosumers precieves less quality of you products or services through the use of your brand name/logo by other parties.

Registration of trade/service marks is the first step towards defending IP rights against unauthorized use.

Not like large business firms that recognize the importance of Intellectual Property, small and medium business owners are so busy in their day-to-day work without focusing on other important matters like the protection of their rights; this will make their business more susceptible to infringement and piracy. Anyway, Adding this to their busy schedules will let them fall in the trap of losing control and focus on their goals. Our mission is to take care of protection of IP rights so business owners will be focusing on the promotion and development of their business.

We, at MarkMirror, offer professional services in the Intellectual Property Field and assist our clients in protecting their rights against any kind of IPRs violation.
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MarkMirror Intellectual Property Services
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Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Copyrights and Domain Name Registration Agents.
We consider ourselves as partners with our clients in protecting their IP rights, and this makes us provide higher quality of services that meet their needs.
We offer our clients the most affordable charges on our services in understanding the need to keep the cost at the most possible minimum level.

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